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SEO stands for search engine optimization and its main function is to bring high intent-traffic to the website content. There may be numerous websites dealing with the same kind of services, but SEO prioritizes the ranking of the ranking of the websites in the search engine results.

Importance Of SEO

Competition has become a normal thing in today’s life and SEO plays a vital role to make anything survive in the search engines. Every day billions of people search something in the search engine for any kind of services and SEO helps the quality websites or blogs etc to reach to the potential clients and helps to grow the business.

SEO Is Important Because: –

  • 80 % of people don’t look beyond the first 5 results shown in the search engine and 95 % of people don’t even go beyond the first page. So SEO is needed to grow the ranking of the site.
  • SEO helps to keep a service ahead of the competitor, as mentioned earlier there are various companies who are providing similar product or services and SEO helps to get a higher ranking in the online presence.
  • SEO also helps in improving user experience and usability of any website.

“SEO plays a vital role in the online promotion of  any business.” says Iman, the Director of the SEO Sydney company, Searchical. There are basically two different types of SEO methodology: – White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.


White Hat SEO: – It is the process of improving the performance of any content in search engines by maintaining the integrity of the website and follows all the guidelines set by the search engines. The purpose of the white hat SEO remains same that is to increases the traffic of any website and to get a higher ranking in the search engine but in an ethical manner. The basic tactics used in White Hat SEO are: –

  • High-quality content and services.
  • Use of descriptive and proper keyword rich meta-tags.
  • Designing of easy to navigate websites.
  • Regular updating of web page content.
  • Optimization and Restructuring of website HTML and others.

The White Hat SEO methodology is the mostly adapted tactics to increase the traffic of any website. The result of White Hat SEO may show gradual improvement but it will be long lasting.

Black Hat SEO: – It is a kind of using illegitimate ways to increase the ranking of websites by lowering the rank of other sites. So in this process, the search engines terms and conditions are violated to increases traffic of any particular website to get a quick and instant result. The basic techniques of Black Hat SEO are: –

  • Unnecessary stuffing of Keywords
  • Hidden text or link and even Keywords
  • Using of duplicate content

The Black Hat SEO is an affordable way of raising the ranking in the search engine and it shows result very quickly too, but this is not suitable for the long term because as soon the search engine finds about it the website loses its ranking and may even get removed from the engine.

So both the methods have their own pros and cons and business may decide the type as per the need.