1. Really bad acid. Reflex and it feel like it
    Coming up my throat and it feel like I. Have tthrow up my

    Really bad acid reflex. To the point where it feels like it

  2. I suffer from heartburn with just about everything I eat tums work for a little while rolaids help for bed time after I belch then I can lay down,
    I’m beginning to think its turning into acid reflux, hope not

  3. Tums don’t work that well any more rolaids help at bed time only after I belch can I lay down, but now I constipated. I need to try something different will this help?

  4. Zantac is also used with Benadryl since they both “are” antihistamine blockers , this has helped me not have to usey epi-pen. I use twice a day to prevent heartburn, and it also has been helping keep my hive attacks less frequent . :)

  5. Tired of takeing that expensive purple pill and it doesn’t always work, want to try something that I hear does work

  6. I have acid reflux real bad…Please accept for free samples..Thank You!

  7. I really need your free samples, I have tried several different acid relief tablets. Please send me your samples. Thank you in advance.

  8. I have an ulcer and I take zantac. Because I know it works good because I don’t go threw pain.

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